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Shift within 150 milliseconds under full load with the Instant Power Shift (IPS) Technology. The Efficient Actuation System (EAS) Technology enables shifting with only 1 Watt of power for a stunning 1,000 Watt powershift, resulting in over 10,000 shifts on a single battery charge. The removable hubshell allows you to freely exchange the hubshell without changing bearing preload, that way you can easily change wheelsets.

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Classified hubs feature a smart wireless thru axle which wirelessly transfers energy to the smart hub for actuation via induction coils. The smart thru axle wirelessly communicates with the handlebar unit to receive shift commands, while the ANT+ integration communicates your current gear ratio to your bicycle computer.

Classified technology thruaxle 1

Instant shifting

Shifting under full load

Ultimate gear coverage

High efficiency

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