A 2 speed hub replacing the front derailleur.

Is there an alternative for the front derailleur, offering the same functionality while getting rid of all the downsides? After 7 years of development, we introduce POWERSHIFT technology: a wireless 2 speed shifting system, integrated in the rear hub, allowing you to change gears in a split second, under full load and on any terrain.

How does it work?

A shifter or a satellite shift button will trigger a shift and is attached to the Smart Handlebar Unit, sending out a wireless signal’

The Smart Thru Axle receives the wireless shift signal and will trigger the hub to shift using contactless energy transfer.

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Powershift USP 1

Instant shifting

150 miliseconds, that’s all it takes

Shifting under full load

Up to 1000 watts

Powershift USP 2

Ultimate gear coverage

24 gears, small steps, 451% gear range

Highly efficient

More than 99% efficient

Powershift USP 3


No need to worry about dirt or rain

Competitive weight

Equally light* or lighter than a traditional electronic groupset

Gear ratios

Big chainringVirtual small chainring
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*A Classified equipped bike is equally light or lighter than a bike with a traditional 2x electronic groupset equipped bike and traditional reference hub (eg. DT Swiss 350). To be more concrete, a bike equiped with Classified and 1x GRX Di2 weighs the same (+-10g) as a bike with a traditional 2x11 GRX Di2 groupset and a DT Swiss 350 hub. The bike setup used by our initial partner: Classified in combination with a Rotor Aldhu 1x crank, is up to 70g lighter than the same bike with a traditional 2x11 GRX Di2 groupset and a DT Swiss 350 hub. In short we can state that the weight of the replaced components (front derailleur, small chainring, traditional hub, thru axle and cassette) is approximately the same as the weight of the components offered by Classified.