World class wheelsets built for POWERSHIFT

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Built for powershift

At Classified, we are all about offering the best riding experience and performance possible. That’s why we developed 3 world class wheelsets that are specifically designed to work perfectly in combination with a POWERSHIFT hub, on any terrain.

To guarantee an outstanding quality, all wheels are made out of high-end carbon fiber and locally assembled by hand.

The CF G30, our gravel wheel, is built to withstand the most challenging adventures while keeping the wheels light and stiff to increase ride comfort.

The CF R35 & R50 are 2 road wheels that are designed to be race ready.

The CF R35 is the perfect all-rounder, finding an optimal balance between stiffness, aerodynamics and weight. They are your perfect companion when riding high up in the mountains or powering over the Flemish cobbles.

The CF R50 is our deep section wheel with a rim depth of 50mm. Highly aerodynamic and stiff, while still being comfortable to ride.

They are super strong. I tried to break them and it didn't work - Tom Boonen


The advantage of a Classified hubshell

All rear wheels are laced around a Classified hubshell to fit a POWERSHIFT hub. The hub can easily be separated from the hubshell, allowing you to use multiple wheelsets in combination with a single POWERSHIFT hub. Slide any wheelset equipped with a Classified hubshell over your hub to suit the terrain of your choice.